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Randy Hurley 2014 “Don’t Impose Darkness on the Future”

Randy is of Black, Mexican, Native American descent and a Swami.

Raised in a military family, he turned away from the path of a West Point commission and disappointed his father. Instead he followed his heart and spirit due to an intense inner desire for a world of Peace and Love.

His journey from childhood in Arizona to Germany back to high school in Arizona then to San Francisco, placed him in the heart of the Sixty's.

Colorado was next, then to India and Nepal; where he met his Master. From there he returned to India and was named a Swami by his Teacher. His Teacher asked him to spread Peace and Harmony.

Upon his return to the US he was blessed to be introduced to the artists who had recorded the soundtrack to "Roots" and numerous other artists. He worked in the support, presentation, studio work and tours of these gifted cultural artists. The SF north bay became his next home. There Randy lived on a ranch, taught and eventually produced concerts. These concerts led to the establishment of pow wows.

More shows continued on behalf of an active movement to build community and legalize marijuana.

Randy helped in author California’s Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Use Act” of November 1996 where cannabis’ transition from criminalization statute to health and safety code was formulated. This view of medical cannabis law has spread to 22 states, the District of Columbia, plus numerous countries in Europe and worldwide.

In 2004 a massive stroke, which he miraculously survived, limited his physical body but left his mind as sharp as ever. He says the stroke brought him into an "Observer and Solutionist", where he focuses his energies on healing and into finding what is really important in life. Ever the optimist, he calls on his generation of this altruistic spirit, now the elders on this small planet, to assert their response-ability and inherent duty to act via teaching the youth the truth.

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He is appalled that the reality presented as truth of 9/11 is still an un-investigated crime. Just more of what he has seen through out his life since President Kennedy was killed in a society imprinted by perpetual war.
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