Thursday, June 18, 2020

hummux 2020 “ho’oponopono & fearlessness”

you'll find the 13 minute right brain nugget here
(link under thumbnail)

then there's the original DR2020 with Love AmpliFIRE™ 
 and left brain derivation (39:17) 
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 Stirling, Scotland, Saturday 18 January 2020
The BioScience of Enlightenment
and Psychogenesis 

and the 58:00 minute Public TeleVision version is here
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presented by the Center for American Studies at Concord with Stuart Weeks
GLOBAL “SPECIAL” TOWN MEETING, Concord, Massachusetts
sunday 31 may 2020 and monday 1 june 2020

Finally, 30 years research and focusing on Ho'oponopono for the last 3, everything becomes clear!  Travels, research and discovery, leading to Fearlessness and Responsibility.  

Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun welcome us to the New Age!

Notable evidence of fraud, hoax, lies, money and fear porn destroying independent livelihood in America with mind control lockdown.  Seems to be parasites on the loose.  Some call it Deep State.  Finally, a cure!