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Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

Title:         Breaking the Spell - The Holocaust, Myth & Reality
Author:    Nicholas Kollerstrom
Date:        2014
URL: Kollerstrom - Breaking the Spell.pdf

States in Europe where this material is outlawed


In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. This undermined the German war effort – but also threw new light on day-by-day events in the Nazi concentration camp system. Between January 1942 and January 1943, encrypted radio communications between those camps and the Berlin headquarters were intercepted and decrypted.

Oddly enough, historians have largely ignored the information furnished in these intercepts relating to “arrivals,” “departures,” recorded deaths and other events at these camps. The only reasonable explanation for this embarrassing omission is that the intercepted data seriously contradicts, even refutes, the orthodox “Holocaust” narrative.

The revealed information does not expose a program of mass murder and racial genocide. Quite the opposite: it reveals that the Germans were determined, desperate even, to reduce the death rate in their work camps, which was caused by catastrophic typhus epidemics.
In 1988 and 1991 forensic studies threw light on the question of whether or not the claimed gas chambers at Auschwitz had served as slaughter houses for hundreds of thousands of people. Both studies had concluded that the only facilities where Zyklon B gas had been used were hygienic rather than homicidal, killing bugs rather than Jews. Needless to say that these iconoclastic studies were ignored or in some countries even outlawed, and that their authors were ostracized and even imprisoned.

Dr. Kollerstrom, a science historian, has taken these studies, which are in obvious, stark contrast to the widely accepted narrative, as a starting point for his own endeavour into the land of taboo. After he had published a brief paper summarizing what he thought the data forced him to conclude, he was thrown out of his College where he had been a member of staff for eleven years.

The book is 256 pages

Foreword: The Holocaust Narrative—Politics Trumps Science
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  1. They put the revisionist in prison to shut them up. They even jailed a former Auschwitz prisoner, at age 85, in jail for 10 months for testifying about the lack of evidence of the charges against the officer who got five years jail for something there was no proof. The last revisionist was jailed recently and they would not release his name to "protect him". BS They didn't give his name to keep people from looking up and reading his findings. This is all a Jew charade folks. No more than 200,000 died in camps, and from typhus and starvation primarily. No gas chambers and no crematories. All crap the Jew lied in order to cash in on guilt and reparations for something that did not happen. They are dangerous to the peace and safety of the whole world at this point as they are digging in deep to make other countries under their control. Do not let that happen. They are converts, not DNA related to the people who lived in the Mideast The Palestinians have DNA markers that show they are the true descendants of Abraham, and the jews are trying to kill them as fast as possible. Jailed over three thousand men this year, and half the population left in Gaza is children. The Minister of death, called for the death of the mothers of snakes and called all the children snakes. Wake up world. They are desperate to control the world. They are goyim, not God's chosen people, but atheists. Churches will not tell their congregations as they would love their tax free deduction of donations. Imagine that they know and for money will not tell their parishioners. What kind of ministers do the ministering to their people?

  2. Just having realised 9/11 is not what it seemed, and that "conspiracy theorists" often have a lot more evidence for their beliefs than our mainstream propaganda - sorry I mean media - I decided to give the online pdf of this book a go, despite being shocked by it's subject
    "Scientifically", perhaps Dr Kollerstrom has a lot of valid points.
    However I gave up on the book very quickly as the human element is entirely lacking.
    From the first few pages he discounts "anecdotal" evidence
    Well. "Anecdotal" evidence is the bedrock of all real and meaningful human history. Not science.
    And there is reams and reams of "Anecdotal" evidence for the holocaust.
    People's personal stories of the horrors they endured. Of gas chambers and crematoria and lost loved ones.
    Brutality, cruelty, disease and injustice.
    Even if Dr Kollerstrom's assertion that deaths were in the hundreds of thousands rather than the millions, I still don't understand why he would put his whole career on the line in order to minimise that.
    I believe it was millions because of the huge volume of "Anecdotal" evidence.
    But then I'm a human being, not a scientist (thank God!)

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