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Don Huber 2018 “GMO – Monsanto – Purposeful Intent to Contaminate everything we have”

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition presents, "Soil, Plant and Human Health Effects of Glyphosate" Part 2 of 3

5G is electronic glyphosate

Dr. Don Huber, US Army, retired, served 41 years as associate director of Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center after WWII as part of an elite group of specialized world scientists, while professor at Perdue University.

He continues work in the intelligence community where he actively participates in oversight and security of biological weapons programs and threat pathology concerns.  Clearly, from his quote in the title of this video, he knows glyphosate is a biological weapon.

And now the entire Mississippi River watershed contains the largest disease cluster in the world attributable to a single pathogen!  Since the CDC will not announce the CRISIS in Chronic Disease confronting America, it is therefore complicit in the secret plan to poison America!

The dreadful evidence from glyphosate poisoning will only make itself more well know over the next eight years that it will take to turn the chronic disease epidemic of the next generation around, even if glyphosate were banned from the earth today.

There’s no known way to get glyphosate out of the brain, so the answer is simple.  stop eating glyphosate!  it’s accumulative, with no minimum safe dose.  designed to be deadly!  this is just ONE of billions of artificial amino acids patented and just awaiting deployment.

Dr. Huber is an international authority on soil and plant health.  In 2017 alone, he gave 160 talks in 40 countries!  With his help, Glyphosate and all of Monsanto will be banned from planet earth.

54:39 – “GMO – Monsanto – Purposeful Intent to Contaminate everything we have”  --Don Huber

Dr. Michelle Pearl
What's Making Our Children Sick?
How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It

Steven Drucker
Altered Genes, Twisted Truth
How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public

from the audio:
What We Know About Glyphosate and GMOs - don huber.mp3
[2019 so far no way to get it out of the brain.]
Q:  Can you compare Glyphosate and DDT?
A:  Not even in the same ball park.  DDT used to reduce disease.  Glyphosate increases disease.  Two opposite poles.

Similar residual life, ~ 20 years.   [seems to never get shorter as this weapon has been deployed for 50 years.  we can say that it has a very long life in soil.  contaminating it for generations!  clearly a crime against humanity.]

Q:  How to remove Glyphosate?

A:  Dr. Monica Kruger
Humic Acid.  Humates and Fulmates

A:  Dr. Dana Stanley
Zeolite [AB]

since each glyphosate molecule being removed has got it’s clutches on a metal ion, you’ll need mineral supplement.  there’s something special about the copper cat-ion which is what is in the brain chemistry that makes it hard to get out.  along with TV has turned America into amerika.

Clinoptilolite:  specific zeolite, has hexagonal structure.  when finely ground it matches glyphosate.  sez Zeolite AB is this stuff.

ActaVoman:  commercial

Sauerkraut Juice and activated carbon

5G is electronic glyphosate.  Both cause genetic alteration.  Both based on fraudulent “science.”  What other departments of the government are funding their pet money making projects?  the Military comes to mind.
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