Friday, February 10, 2012 News - March 1, 2015

This is where the March 1, 2015 news report & blast is to be published.

At this point it is a staging area - for ever more ideas.

New - is now live.
- All 911TV's public access TV (PTV) films are shown here.
- Alphabetic Index of 911TV's films

Announce any new films

Tell a story about making one of the films.

More information that viewers will find useful.

News viewers can expect in the next news report - new films.

Ask for info on 911 Truth events that should be filmed and made available for public access TV (PTV).

The next news - blast can announce the NEWS email subscription and ask people to subscribe.

The next one after that can be Twitter with a reminder to subscribe to the news.

The news is what people will follow on Twitter and Facebook and via the News email.

Some news item that views find useful about a 911 Truth story is what keep FB, TW ready to go viral - people getting the once a week news about 911 Truth issues is what will keep a base of viewers who will send on the latest news to their friends.

One News Report can be about filming Dick Gregory and what he has to say - keep it ever more viral...

Add to this list of news stories as a Draft blog and update it periodically.

Getting people to engage in positive, nurturing ways is what is wanted - ask people to send their contribution of articles, info etc, positive comments on the blog, faceboook retweets etc.

Let people know this is a world wide issue...

Something for people new to 911 Truth and lots of tid bits for the old timers.