Saturday, March 8, 2014

David Rovics 2004 "The Heartland Cafe"

David Rovics was recorded by Snowshoe Films at The Heartland Cafe in Chicago on March 7, 2004.

3:49 Hang a Flag in the Window
3:08 Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)
4:33 Face of Victory
2:51 I Want to Go Home
5:41 Who Would Jesus Bomb?
2:58 Here at the End of the World
2:07 Opposition Defiance Disorder
3:41 Mi Amor (for Tooker)
7:12 St. Patrick Battalion
4:21 Coke Is the Drink of the Death Squads
5:10 Hiroshima
4:22 After the Revolution
1:50 A Kiss Behind the Barricades
4:48 We Will shut Them Down
Tags: 911, David Rovics, Who Would Jesus Bomb?, Snowshoe Films,
Produced: 2004, Episode: DR-THC,
56:41, Category: Education
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