Saturday, March 1, 2014

Leonard Shlain 1999 "The Alphabet vs. The Goddess"

The Conflict between word and image
In his groundbreaking book of the same name, Leonard Shlain proposes that the process of learning alphabetic literacy rewired the human brain, with profound consequences for culture.

Making remarkable connections across a wide range of subjects including brain function, anthropology, history, and religion, Shlain argues that literacy reinforced the brain's linear, abstract, predominantly masculine left hemisphere at the expense of the holistic, iconic feminine right one.

This shift upset the balance between men and women initiating the disappearance of goddesses, the abhorrence of images, and, in literacy's early stages, the decline of women's political status. Patriarchy and misogyny followed. This is a paradigm shattering work that will transform your view of history and mind.

One of the foremost concepts codifying the rise of the feminine in our time.
Tags: 911, F, FS Leonard Shlain, FT The Alphabet vs The Goddess, Brain Function, Anthropology, History, Religion,
Produced: 1999, Episode: 911TV - Alphabet vs Goddess Pt 1,
57:58, Category: Education
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