Sunday, May 10, 2015

Guns & Butter Online - Newsletter #1 - Bonnie Faulkner & More KPFA Censorship

From Bonnie Faulkner

Dear friends, supporters, listeners and fans of Guns and Butter,

I have some exciting news for you. Before getting to it, I wanted to let you know that I have been out of contact for the last two months due to a computer crash and other hardware issues. I apologize if you emailed me and received a bounce back or worse, no reply at all. I am just now getting back to my email so it may take a little time to catch up.  If you sent me something important and you didn't receive a response, or don't in the next week or two, send it again to me. My email and the contact form on the website are both now working.
While I personally had little or no access to the internet, Guns and Butter launched an online presence after many years without one. Guns and Butter online now includes a new website, an active twitter feed, show archives that are easy to find and much more. The new website is officially live with enhancements and updates to the archives occurring over the next few months so stay tuned.

I had planned to do a live show this week to address the issue of a bill going through the California State Senate, SB277 which will remove the personal belief and religious exemptions from the state mandated vaccine schedule required to attend school. I am sure many of you have heard of it. Gary Null, Ph.D. was going to be my guest and we planned to offer his DVD, Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines as a premium for the current fund drive. However, the Program Director censored my show and wouldn't allow me to go on with him or offer his DVD as a premium. I am planning to continue with the interview and to post it on my website instead. I will share it once it is ready and keep you updated on this censorship issue.
All Guns and Butter shows will continue to be free to the public and anyone can become an Individual Member. You can also become a Sustaining Member for a small monthly/annual amount (all donations are tax-deductible) which will give you the ability to listen to and join “conversations” with special guests and once complete, access show transcripts along with other premium content available. Both of these are described in more detail on the Membership page.
Here are some of the new online features you can check out:

Website and Blog - On the homepage you will find the latest shows that were aired on WBAI and KPFA. You can also access the archives via Sound Cloud (more below) and the archive list. The Blog will feature articles, shows or other items of relevance where you can comment and discuss them in more detail.

Sound Cloud site - All aired shows are being uploaded to Sound Cloud with more than seven years now archived. With Sound Cloud, you can play, download MP3s and comment on individual shows, use tags for searching and follow Guns and Butter so you know when new shows are uploaded to the site. Also like and repost are options similar to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter - Follow Guns and Butter on Twitter where new blog posts and show announcements will be tweeted.

Please be sure to share our website, Sound Cloud site, tweets, or forward this email to those you know who could benefit from the necessary and important work that Guns and Butter, and the community that supports it, does to bring about the change that we desperately need.

Watch for more details that will be sent out as they develop.

Thanks again for all your support.  


Bonnie Faulkner
Host and producer of Guns and Butter

Bonnie can reached directly at: gunsandbutter at startmail dot com

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