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Crafting The Lie - Official NIST 911 Report

Crafting The Lie - Official NIST 911 Report - Christopher Bollyn

I use the word crafted because what they were doing was crafting a lie.

The NIST page with the citation for the NCSTAR1 says the publication date was December 1, 2005.

NIST released the draft of the final report on the WTC collapses in September 2005.  It was released in the draft form in September for public comment.

Here is the online copy of the draft of the final report:

William Jeffrey was sworn into the office on July 26, 2005, as the 13th Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 
Exactly three months later, Jeffrey as Director of NIST, appeared before the Committee on Science, House of Representatives, on October 26, 2005, and said the following as the final report on the collapse of the WTC towers was released:
We are releasing the final versions of the 43 reports on NIST’s investigation of the WTC towers, totaling some 10,000
pages, today.   Our current plans are to release next spring an additional five reports as drafts for public comment on the investigation of WTC 7.

William Jeffrey was the director of NIST for more than a month before the draft was released for public comment and he presented the final report before Congress after being director for three months. He owns it. There is no passing the buck.  He was the responsible official who oversaw the release of both the draft and the final version of the report. 

Jeffrey is currently working as CEO of SRI International, a tax-exempt non-profit that makes nanocomposites for the U.S. military.  The assistant director of the department that develops energetic nanocomposites at SRI is an Israeli fellow named Yigal Blum.  Mr. Blum has worked at SRI in Menlo Park since 1984. Yigal Blum was also a project manager at SRI in 2001, when SRI's income from the military spiked to 195 million USD - more than twice what it brought in the previous year or the following year.

Yigal Blum's webpage at SRI is interesting.  
He has written extensively about "novel SiC/C aerogels" and other energetic nanocomposites that have been developed at SRI.

Henry Kressel, the managing partner of Warburg Pincus is on the board of directors at SRI.
Kressel was a long-term director at Sarnoff, which was absorbed by SRI after 9-11.

SRI boasts having earned 4 billion USD in R&D in the past decade and earning 540 million USD last year, but it is a non-profit and is not supervised by anybody as far as I can see. 

One has to consider that Jeffrey was an executive who was involved with many of the technologies that were used on 9-11, and that he was brought in to oversee the crafting of the final report on the collapses of all three towers.  He is, therefore, obviously closely connected with the criminal cabal that carried out 9-11.  It stands to reason that he is still working with those people, while wearing a different hat. I believe that SRI may be involved with the super-thermite that was used on 9-11. The material may have been made there or the blueprint for the material came from SRI and the material was made elsewhere. This is speculation, of course, but all of the evidence indicates that is possible.

You may recall that Israel has long operated the most aggressive spying operations in the United States of all nations, and its primary target is technology.  Yigal Blum is most likely one of their main spies. The fact that he has worked at SRI since 1984 and engaged in the development of energetic nano-composites needs to be taken seriously.

and for William Jeffrey and Henry Kressel:

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