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Tedd Weyman 2005 "Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Nuclear Weapons"

Rochester, New York, June 26, 2005. SnowshoeFilms Public Forum Series.

Deputy Director of the Uranium Medical Research Centre (, working with Dr. Asaf Durakovic, Tedd Weyman organized and led field studies in Afghanistan and Iraq to measure and analyze uranium contamination from radiotoxic and chemotoxic heavy metals (Depleted Uranium = Deadly Uranium=DU) from battlefield weapons. More radioactive pollution has been spread by these weapons than all the nuclear explosions put together!

Dr. Durakovic, a former U.S. Army Colonel, was Chief of the Nuclear Sciences Division of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute at the VA hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. He was fired and blacklisted for refusing to discontinue his work on medical problems of army Veterans caused by Deadly Uranium (DU).

Non-fissile penetrating weapons and bunker busters are effectively nuclear weapons, Weyman reports. It is well known world wide that DU weapons have long-term implications that are being hidden by corporations and governments.

Weyman cautions: "If you don't have a moral objection to using DU on another nation and it's people, you might have a pragmatic objection to the liabilities that a nation faces for permanently contaminating another nation's environment. Uranium contamination in Iraq will last for millions of years. So the liabilities are very significant when you have every nation that was on the receiving end and every soldier on the sending end contaminated!"
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