Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steven Jones 2006 "Science and Ethics"

9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions Presented February 1, 2006, Utah Valley State College.

Dr. Steven E. Jones, Physics Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University speaks at Utah Valley State College debunking myths about 9/11 that are promoted by the USA government official presentations. His analysis and others, demonstrate that the three World Trade Center Buildings were demolished by controlled demolition using hi-tech military explosives, not from the planes crashing into two of the buildings.

Dr. Jones also focuses on the third building, WTC 7, that was also demolished and was not hit by a plane. Many people do not know about the third building and it's collapse 7 hours after the first two buildings were demolished.

The show presents the collapse of WTC 7, the collapse of the towers, a person standing at the hole in the north tower created by the plane crash before the building collapsed, termite - the high temperature explosive used to demolish buildings, pieces of the puzzle of what actually happened, disinformation circulated about Bin Laden, known fore warnings of a possible attack with airplanes on the World Trade Center, US Air Force stand down at the time of the attacks, and what good government policies can do for this and other situations.

This show and Kevin Ryan's show - A New Standard for Deception, The NIST WTC Report are good companion shows.
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