Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zone Zero 2010 "Humanure"

Hoo, a longtime activist (since he met koo) and koo, a lifelong activist, gave this workshop at the Permaculture Design Course at Big Bend Hot Springs in California on August 6, 2010.

Starting with a spiritual base and a Native American four-direction mandala, they show that the collection, care and composting of human feces (scat) and urine must be dealt with in a holistic way. Hoo shows how the mandala overlays the human chakras.

Relying heavily on Joseph Jenkins landmark book, “The Humanure Handbook” they develop their thesis that human scat is a valuable fertilizer which must never be considered waste and discarded. They point out that combining human scat with drinking water is fundamentally insane, turning both of these resources into waste. We then spend huge amounts of money on sewage treatment plants and chemical fertilizers.

The key to proper composting is theomophilic bacteria, our Universal Ancestor, having been around for 3 billion years. When properly fed, watered and aerated, these bacteria flourish at 140°F, thereby killing all pathogens.

To demonstrate and make available the “Scat Catcher,” hoo and koo went to the Occupy Monterey General Assembly at Colton Hall, January 15, 2011.

In the final clip, Joseph Jenkins, author of “The Humanure Handbook” shows how easy it is to make humanure compost.

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