Tuesday, March 12, 2013

•John F. Kennedy 1963 “American University Peace Speech”

It’s time to once again listen to JFK’s words and move “not towards a strategy of annihilation, but towards a strategy of peace.”

It is remarkable that this speech is still relevant today. JFK remembered that his generation had had enough of war.

Apparently the chicken-hawks now in charge have not really personally suffered the devastation of war and had to stage 911 to actually push America into the war on terror. JFK talks about the cold war, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s ANY war that the cabal needs to thrive and survive.

What JFK says about Russia and the cold war is still true today! It was this speech, as much as anything, that caused the cabal (still in “control” after all these years) to kill Kennedy just 6 months later. All the killing that has gone on since his assassination 50 years ago has not changed the world one bit for the better.
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