Monday, May 13, 2019

James Perloff 2019 “War and Deception"

<Saturday 27 April 2019
Watertown, Massachusetts

From the sinking of the Maine, to the Tonkin Gulf Incident, to Saddam Hussein’s missing “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” (to name only a few examples) James Perloff will walk the audience through history and ask: Have Americans been repeatedly deceived into war?

James Perloff's jarring conclusion is that the USA ALWAYS goes to war by deception.

now who's motto does that sound like?

he continues,

Are our tax dollars and soldiers’ lives sacrificed needlessly?

And if so, what is the true agenda?

Are all wars really fought for “freedom and democracy”?
Tags: James Perloff, False Flags, Mind Control, Tavistock
Produced:  2019, Episode:  JP-W&D,
Category: Education, 1:52:45
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