Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Barrett, Gage, Honegger 2017 “Ground Zero for a Resistance Movement”

Speakers: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Richard Gage, , Barbara Honegger
Moderator: Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards

Videoed at the Left (Out) Forum at John Jay College for Criminal Justice, New York, NY 10019, June 4, 2017

Increasingly, Leftists are challenging the official 9/11 story, focusing on forensic, political facts -- not ideological positions. Much of the Left leadership, however, shun discussion or investigation of the many omissions, misstatements, and deceptions of the official 9/11 narrative. They call 9/11 inquiry a distraction from “the real work.”

Given that “everything changed after 9/11,” 9/11 truth activists believe the acceptance of a deceitful Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld version of 9/11 directly allowed for an unprecedented transfer of power to the Deep State. Resistance to the 9/11 official story is "the real work" required to end wars on terrorism, reduce Islamophobia, restore civil liberties, and slash the bloated military/intelligence budget.

In Kevin's last talk, "Cui Bono?" he goes through the whole sad list of defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT), who are thereby shown to be the perpetrators of the atrocity.

Based on eyewitness testimony and science, Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will cite overwhelming evidence that controlled demolitions brought down the three World Trade Center skyscrapers -- as opposed to what we were told by our government and media.

Barbara Honegger will summarize the falsehoods of the official story surrounding the Pentagon and Shanksville events, as well as the pivotal role of the anthrax attacks which are intimately connected to 9/11 and were key toward ensuring passage of the Patriot Act.  They were all dated 9/11/2001. NOT ONE claim of the official story is true!

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