Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rothe-Kushel, Hall 2017 “The Dangers of Thought Crime Police” HD

Political Correctness:  The Dangers of Thought Crime Police

Moderator: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Speakers: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Dr. Anthony Hall

Videoed at the Left (Out) Forum at John Jay College for Criminal Justice, New York, NY 10019, June 3, 2017

The Left Forum claims to provide a context for the critical conversations that are essential for a stronger Left and a more just society.  However, the Left Forum censored and cancelled four of the DeepState panels, this one on censorship!  These were captured by the Left Out team and LiveStreamed to thousands worldwide by No Lies Radio.

Using an intentionally ambiguous interpretation of hate crime, various politically-“correct” elements, including those on the Left, are aggressively blocking dissent, inquiry, and free and open debate in public forums whenever they feel their orthodox dogmas have been violated.  Unfortunately, there have been a wave of witch hunts against academics and activists when they attempt to discuss evidentiary facts on controversial topics such as 9/11, false flags, and Zionism.  They have been subjected to ad hominem attacks, fired from their jobs, and in Europe, imprisoned for voicing unpopular ideas.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, guerrilla journalist, was manhandled and ejected from a Kansas City public library event on "Truman and Israel” for asking a fact-based, but "forbidden" question during the Q&A. He was subjected to trumped-up charges of trespassing in a public event and resisting arrest.

Dr. Anthony Hall was suspended from his tenured position of 26 years at a Canadian university without pay for his online activism. With support from his union, Dr. Hall has since earned back pay, but has yet to be reinstated.

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