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Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight Of Three Thousand Years

Title:        Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight Of Three Thousand Years
Author:    Israel Shahak, Foreword: Gore Vidal
Date:        1994
URL: Shahak - Jewish History.pdf

This thoughtful book looks at Jewish history and Jewish religion over the past 3,000 years.

Gore Vidal's foreword offers insights that he and John Kennedy talked about. Vidal
soon learned much more about how Israel had done much more than help insure
Harry Truman became president at a time when there was no chance he could
be a viable contender for the Democratic nomination.

The book is 110 pages including Contents, Index, Chapter Notes and References

Foreword by Gore Vidal
A Closed Utopia?
Prejudice and Prevarication Orthodoxy and Interpretation The Weight of History
The Laws against Non-Jews Political Consequences
Notes and References

"Jewish History, Jewish Religion" ends with the following excerpt:

Any support of human rights in general by a Jew which does not include the support of human rights of non- Jews whose rights are being violated by the 'Jewish state' is as deceitful as the support of human rights by a Stalinist.

The apparent enthusiasm displayed by American rabbis or by the Jewish organizations in the USA during the 1950s and the 1960s in support of the Blacks in the South, was motivated only by considerations of Jewish self-interest, just as was the communist support for the same Blacks. Its purpose in both cases was to try to capture the Black community politically, in the Jewish case to an unthinking support of Israeli policies in the Middle East.

Therefore, the real test facing both Israeli and diaspora Jews is the test of their self-criticism which must include the critique of the Jewish past.

The most important part of such a critique must be detailed and honest confrontation of the Jewish attitude to non-Jews. This is what many Jews justly demand from non-Jews: to confront their own past and so become aware of the discrimination and persecutions inflicted on the Jews.

In the last 40 years the number of non-Jews killed by Jews is by far greater than the number of the Jews killed by non-Jews. The extent of the persecution and discrimination against non-Jews inflicted by the 'Jewish state' with the support of organized diaspora Jews is also enormously greater than the suffering inflicted on Jews by regimes hostile to them.

Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of equal or greater importance.

Read the book here.

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