Wednesday, December 11, 2019

YouTube Terminates 911TV Channel

YouTube has terminated 911TV Channel

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The YouTube videos here no longer work. The text and everything else here is fine.

For Local Public TV Stations all the shows are available as ever for LPTV stations to broadcast to their local communities.

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The article begins:
Authoritarianism has emerged in Silicon Valley. Google no longer helps you find what you are truly looking for. Instead, they now customize results to satisfy their wants and needs. Individual results might vary

Google's audacious tyranny, which includes censorship, surveillance, and mind control, is accelerating at a wicked clip. It's hard to keep up. The planet's leading search engine is stealthily infiltrating areas/sectors of our society, including elections, news, finances, health, not to mention your mind, all the while 'vacuuming' and usurping data, to become a megalithic repository.

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