Tuesday, November 21, 2017

John F. Kennedy 1963 “American University Peace Speech”


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It’s time to once again listen to JFK’s words and move “not towards a strategy of annihilation, but towards a strategy of peace.”

It is remarkable that this speech is still relevant today.  JFK remembered that his generation had had enough of war.  Apparently the chicken hawks now in
charge have not really personally suffered the devastation of war and had to stage 911 to actually push America into the war on terror.  JFK talks about the cold war, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s any war that the cabal needs to thrive and survive.

What JFK says about Russia and the cold war is still true today!  It was this speech, as much as anything, that caused the cabal (which seems to be loosing it’s grip) to kill Kennedy just 6 months later.  All the killing that has gone on since his assassination 54 years ago has not changed the world one bit for the better.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Vic Sadot 2017 “The Ballad of Pat Tillman”

This is the "Official Music Video" for THE BALLAD OF PAT TILLMAN.  

This music video was published  on November 8, 2017 as a "Salute to Pat Tillman" on what would have been his 41st birthday!   

Vic tells the tragic story using the broadside ballad tradition of folk and folk-rock music.  

Vic has added slides from his huge collections to simultaneously tell the visual story in his cogent and crisp style.  

Suggested viewing for just 5 minutes to remember Pat Tillman and listen to Vic sing his song.  

As Vic sez:  “Hell has no fury like a patriot betrayed!”

Pat Tillman was a kind and a caring little boy
He brought his mom and pop a lot o’ laughter, pride, and joy
They tried to teach their son how to tell the right from wrong
How not to be a bully just because you’re big and strong
Young Tillman was a legendary famous football star
He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar
He made a lot o’ big plays for his Arizona team…
And he made a lot of money in the American dream!
But after Nine-Eleven, he had to throw it all away
To fight those “evil doers” who could kill in such a way
When the Towers and the Pentagon were scenes of blood and death
Pat Tillman swore to avenge them or to breathe his dyin’ breath

Pat Tillman was a legendary famous football star
He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar
He made a lot of forays for his Army Ranger team…
But Patrick died for Bush’s lies…For a nightmare, not a dream!
Alive he might be helping take the treason team apart
He was bravely asking questions, yes, and he was very smart
If Nine-Eleven Truth reveals a home-made psy-war raid…
Then this phony “war on terror” is just a cover-up charade! (chorus)

Copyright 2006 Victor Rene Sadot BMI Orbian Love Music Official Site for Vic Sadot Music www.vicsadot.com Contact TruthTroubadour@gmail.com


The song was released on 9/11/11 on a CD titled "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" by Vic Sadot at CD Baby.