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Adnan Zuberi 2013 “9/11 in the Academic Community”

“9/11 in the Academic Community,” a Winner of the University of Toronto Film Festival, is a unique film that documents academia’s treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the taboo that shields the American government’s narrative from scholarly examination. Through a powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War on Terror.

As well as probing the repercussions several scholars have endured due to their investigation of 9/11, this documentary provides an analysis of impairments in professional inquiry, ranging from the failure to critically reflect on terms functioning as thought-stoppers (such as “conspiracy theory”) to the structural approach that restricts inquiry to the broad implications of 9/11 while shutting out enquiry into the events of the day itself.

As 9/11 served as the rationale for the Global War on Terror, the expansion of the military and intelligence complex, the invasion of other countries in violation of international law, and the curtailing of civil liberties, the film provides an inspiring demonstration of intellectual courage that will cause many scholars to reflect on the academy’s role and strength to dismantle the war system.
Tags: 9/11, 9-11, 911, Academic Community, Academia, Taboo, thought-stoppers, Global War on Terror, international law, military intelligence complex,
Produced: 2013, Episode: AZ-911AC HD, Category: Education, 58:05

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Monday, August 21, 2017


Ho’Oponopono – like Buddhism, and like Authentic Christianity – is centered around the mastery of forgiveness.

Initially, one learns the benefits of forgiveness by applying Ho’Oponopono in relation to those we have a clear sense of having injured, including ourselves.  As the practice deepens though, we begin to apply it to all those toward whom we harbor grievances, the people we think hurt us. And finally we use it to take total responsibility for having organized our own experience exactly as it has been – our karmic harvest.  

This unequivocal embrace of forgiveness, which arises out of the realization that there is nothing to forgive, is the ultimate ground of liberation – what the Bodhisattva comes back to share again and again until all beings are Awake!

Ho’Oponopono – is a Hawaiian word which means “to correct or make right, to come to balance”. In traditional Hawaiian culture, this also refers to a process of setting things right by bringing a person, or ohana (one’s extended family), into proper, healthy balance.  Each individual within the ohana strives to stay in balance, in service to the larger goal of maintaining collective health and unity with all others in the extended family unit.

Much like Buddhism, Ho’Oponopono invites the practitioner to accept 100% responsibility for all of one’s personal experience as well as for our part in co-creating our collective experience.

Working at the level of taking 100% (total) responsibility for all of your experience, now try experimenting with Ho’Oponopono in this way….

Bring to mind an individual against whom you are holding a grievance.  Contemplate for a moment how you want to blame that person for hurting you in some way. Then apply Ho’Oponopono as follows.  

I’m sorry for asking you to be in my life in a way that provoked my anger toward you.”

Please forgive me for generating an experience that was so painful for both of us.”

I love you because I realize now that you are actually a part of me.”

Thank-you for being in my life story in exactly the way I asked you to be.”
The Pay Off of this practice is that once you settle into routinely working with Ho’Oponopono you will find that you are able to extricate yourself from both guilt and grievance almost instantly! With each passing day you will find your life is less and less about resentment and fear as it becomes more and more about love and appreciation!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Message from Ixtklan -- the amazing earth calendar

this document took over 20 years of detailed work.  it's branches are about Jose Arguelles and DreamSpell.  it's roots are in the Mayan Calendar.  It's scope is no less than eliminating the Gregorian calendar and returning to the ancient and accurate solar four seasons calendar.  

from this work, it now becomes clear why 2012 seemed like such a dud.  from seeds planted by Jose Arguelles, recent analysis of fractal timing shows 2017 as the time most likely to start the clock.  the solar eclipse crossing america is on august 21, 2017, 5 Seed in traditional Mayan calendar.

there is more to come in tidying up the last chapter, but suffice it to say, star seeding has occurred.  (see baktun map p.12)   

send this link to all Jose Arguelles fans.  keeping in mind that neither DreamSpell (no one born on feb 29 has a galactic signature) or Gregorian calendar will work going forward because of arbitrary leap days.  a good place to start is p.32 at Jose Arguelles’ indictment of the 12 month Gregorian calendar.

the tzolkin has no leap days and can therefore accurately predict the venus cycle and will continue to count the days forever.  the first baktun of the star planting is beginning. now is time for the seeds (we have prepared ourselves to be) to take root.

your comments are welcome and encouraged.  please pass on...

4-1/8 yr. Leap Rule [33/8]

Republic Of

Mayan Date for August 21, 2017 Eclipse

Your Mayan Birthday  

Digging our way out of history has been a long, arduous process.  But along the way we have also been uncovering, discovering, recovering and rediscovering many song lines of this beautiful blue-green planet

We walk unencumbered into the vast unknown of the ever-creative-now