Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Oakland 9/11 Truth 2019 “Film Festival”

Live Streamed on September 11, 2019 from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California by NoLiesRadio.
[00:00] Bonnie Falkner of Guns and Butter welcome;
[04:08] Abbottabad: Video of Osama bin Laden Not Real;
[06:04] Video: Blowback or Bloody Treason, music video by the late Vic Sadot and
[12:29] tribute to him by Kevin Barrett:
[19:31] Video: The Secret Lie that Started the Afghan War, a film by James Corbett;
[45:37] Video: A Mostly False Bloviation, video featuring Lee Hamilton:
[52:16] Dwain Deets speaks about the Truth Action Project (TAP)

PART 2– https://youtu.be/MsuuY-QkYec
[00:00] Ken Jenkins introduces summary of the Denver Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence;
[04:40] Video: Denver Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence .

PART 3 – https://youtu.be/qa9Ookojjfc
[00:00] Bonnie Faulker introduces Access to Detainees;
Video: Access to the Detainees, video featuring Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton
[09:30]; Bonnie speaks about the status of Guns & Butter and introduces Mick Harrison; [12:35] Mick Harrison speaks about the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry;
[40:52] Peter B. Collins presents a summary of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks WTC7 Study and presents The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District 9/11 Resolution.

PART 4– https://youtu.be/dR8xmyqrdCg
[00:00] Peter B. Collins introduces Mickey Huff.
[03:00] Mickey Huff speaks about his book, United States of Distraction: Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (And What We Can Do About It)

PART 5– https://youtu.be/2NblkZ1tyes
[00:00] Video: 9/11 War Games, film by James Corbett;

PART 6– https://youtu.be/Oygl7_XfNbA
[00:00] Video: 9/11 Memorial Museum Officials Accept “Truther Art” into Permanent Collection, a film by John Massaria
[23:37] Mysterious Collapse of Building 7 with Ed Asner;

[38:15] Israeli Spying in the US.  Four part Cameron on TV.


View This Show On YouTube PART 1:  https://youtu.be/sc9osW-lAXg
View This Show On YouTube PART 2:  https://youtu.be/MsuuY-QkYec
View This Show On YouTube PART 3:  https://youtu.be/qa9Ookojjfc
View This Show On YouTube PART 4:  https://youtu.be/dR8xmyqrdCg
View This Show On YouTube PART 5:  https://youtu.be/2NblkZ1tyes
View This Show On YouTube PART 6:  https://youtu.be/Oygl7_XfNbA

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Produced: 2019, Episode: NLR-OAK-1,2,3,4,5,6 Category: Education, 58:00

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